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Brian Barton founded The Solution Sets Group, Inc. (www.solutionsets.com)
which includes the following business units:

BRICEL (Business Resource Institute for Continuing Education and Learning)

BRICEL was founded to help executives, managers, and professionals stay at the forefront of their careers, companies, and industries via continuing education and learning. BRICEL offers a range of business classes for those not seeking an actual degree. BRICEL's classes are taught in a convenient online education center, by instructors with advanced degrees and experience in specialized business areas. For more information, see www.bricel.com

South Beach Marketing

South Beach Marketing provides a variety of marketing services for the South Beach (Miami Beach) area, but particularly emphasizes Internet-based approaches to bringing area businesses, activities, and events to a worldwide audience. For more information, see www.southbeachplaza.com/southbeachmarketing

E-business and Marketing Services

Solution Sets' e-business and marketing services are provided to a wide range of businesses, including particularly emphasizing solutions for small businesses. Solution Sets' Dynamic Web Technology makes it cost-effective for companies to have accurate-to-the minute web sites, and to gain the power of database-enabled web sites. Cost-effective marketing services are also provided, and are particularly focused on small businesses. For more information, see www.solutionsets.com/index2.html

Email: brian@brianbarton.com
Tel: 305.673.9493 (including when Brian is traveling internationally)

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