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These are some web sites that Brian has developed and maintains

The Solution Sets Group Inc. is the corporatation headed by Brian which includes several business units.

  • www.solutionsets.com

    BRICEL, a business unit of The Solution Sets Group, Inc., was founded to help executives, managers, and professionals stay at the forefront of their careers, companies, and industries via continuing education and learning. BRICEL offers a range of business classes for those not seeking an actual degree.

  • www.bricel.com

    South Beach Marketing provides marketing services to a wide range of businesses in the South Beach area including e-commerce web sites, flyer postings, digital photography, email marketing, and web portals.

  • www.southbeachplaza.com/southbeachmarketing

    Solution Sets has an e-business and marketing services business unit headed by Brian.

  • www.solutionsets.com/index2.html

    VirtualSoBe is the most comprehensive web site covering South Beach (part of Miami Beach, Florida), with over 3,000 web pages and over 1,000 photographs. It includes an index of over 100 categories containing nearly 1,000 businesses, places, activities, and other items of interest.

  • www.virtualsobe.com

    Lincoln Road (.org) is a web site highlighting the businesses on Lincoln Road, in the sophisticated heart of South Beach.

  • www.lincolnroad.org

    Professor Barton is a web site associated with Brian's work as a university professor and faculty/department chair.

  • www.professorbarton.com

    South Beach Flyers provides the most current information about what's happening in South Beach (Florida) by displaying flyers highlighting events, activities, products, and services.

  • www.southbeachflyers.com

    South Beach Email provides two services. For people who want to stay informed about South Beach businesses and events, it provides a centralized location where they can sign up to receive free emails. For South Beach area businesses, South Beach Email provides a range of email marketing services including the ability to capture email addresses on client web sites, and to send out customized emailings.

  • www.southbeachemail.com

    South Beach Plaza is a web portal, allowing South Beach area businesses to sell their goods and services to a world-wide customer base.

  • www.southbeachplaza.com

    South Beach Restaurant Guide is a web portal, highlighting restaurants in and around South Beach.

  • www.southbeachrestaurantguide.com

    South Beach Press is a Solution Sets owned site featuring public relations services for South Beach area businesses.

  • www.southbeachpress.com

    Seen Digital is a Solution Sets owned stock photography site showcasing Brian's digital photography.

  • www.seendigital.com

    South Beach People showcases photos of people in and around South Beach (Florida).

  • www.southbeachpeople.com

    South Beach Volleyball is a Solution Sets owned site providing online coverage of the annual VolleyPalooza beach volleyball tournament between South Beach modeling agencies.

  • www.southbeachvolleyball.com

    JMS Limo is a site Brian developed for a South Florida limousine and transportation company.

  • www.southbeachplaza.com/jmslimo

    Lincoln Futon is an e-commerce web site Brian developed for a successful Lincoln Road (South Beach) based lighting and furniture store.

  • www.southbeachplaza.com/cgi-bin/dynapage.cgi?main=main&client=brianbarton&client=lincolnfuton

    Solution Sets also owns these domains which are in various stages of development:

  • www.southbeachbikinis.com
  • www.southbeachclubguide.com
  • www.southbeachenespanol.com
  • www.southbeachmodeling.com
  • www.southbeachphotography.com
  • www.southbeachshopping.com
  • www.southbeachstores.com

  • www.onlinebusinessschools.com

  • Email: brian@brianbarton.com
    Tel: 305.673.9493 (including when Brian is traveling internationally)

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