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    I’d like to extend a welcome to everyone taking a marketing class. Most of you are “working adults”, and have to balance many demands on your time such as related to family, job, travel, and friends. But your decision to further your education will be highly worthwhile, potentially in monetary terms, and also due to having the knowledge and skills to confidently and successfully pursue whatever career focus you choose. Congratulations on your decision to continue your education.

    For those of you who currently work in marketing or are considering moving into marketing, I truly believe you’ve chosen a field that will only increase in importance in the 21st century business world. Over the past half century, marketing has evolved from a sales-focused emphasis, to where it is typically the driving force for creating value within modern enterprises. Marketing is often chartered with identifying potential customer wants and needs, determining a realistic strategy to exchange value with customers based on those wants and needs, specifying associated products or services, and then guiding the development and launch of those products or services. Once the products or services are available, marketing is then chartered with acquiring customers and building long-term relationships with them.

    Because of its central role in creating customer value, marketing professionals must understand a wide range of other disciplines, such as finance, management, and technology. Marketing professionals will interact with numerous other stakeholder groups at all levels within an enterprise, and in part because of that, a marketing career is a particularly viable career path to the highest positions within enterprises.

    A marketing career certainly has its challenges. At the same time, it offers a wide range of satisfying and rewarding opportunities in a wide range of enterprises and industries. And like no other time before, the business world within which we live is currently undergoing a fundamental and radical transformation, primarily as enabled by technology such as the Internet. Digital marketing has already revolutionized how many industries market, sell, and deliver products and services. But despite the changes we’ve already seen, the most significant changes are still ahead, with creative marketing professionals of the future facing a unique technological and social environment, eager to embrace new dimensions of creating and delivering value. As but one example, just a few short years ago, who would have thought Apple Computer would become the dominant distribution company in the music industry, yet Apple created the first marketing mix to successfully build a profitable revenue stream based on electronic marketing and delivery of music (iTunes).

    Regardless of whether or not you choose a marketing career, as a result of the commitment you are making to your education, you are positioning yourself to be a business leader of the future. You have the opportunity to actively participate in an era that will undoubtedly go down in history as when business underwent a complete transformation from how it had operated for decades. I encourage you to take the knowledge and skills you’re gaining, and creatively apply those to achieve success for your organization and for you personally, as well as to help make the world an even better place to live.

    Best wishes for a very successful educational experience.

    Professor Barton

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