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    I’d like to extend a welcome to everyone taking a project management class. Most of you are “working adults”, and have to balance many demands on your time such as related to family, job, travel, and friends. But your decision to further your education will be highly worthwhile, potentially in monetary terms, and also due to having the knowledge and skills to confidently and successfully pursue whatever career focus you choose. Congratulations on your decision to continue your education.

    Project management has experienced significant growth over the past decade, and that trend is predicted to continue through the next decade. As but one source of information about the growing demand for project management professionals, the Project Management Institute published an article titled “The Talent Gap”. That article highlighted significant trends in project management, including:

  • There are “1.2 million job openings annually in project management”.

  • “The world economy is increasingly dominated by projects. Budgets represented by projects are growing at a phenomenal rate, particularly in developing economies, despite the current global economic downturn.”

  • “At the same time, the supply of qualified project professionals will be falling during the next decade. Many experienced project managers are nearing the retirement age and not enough individuals are entering the profession every year.”

    Regardless of whether or not you choose a project management career, as a result of the commitment you are making to your education, you are positioning yourself to be a business leader of the future. You have the opportunity to actively participate in an era when formal project management is positively impacting a vast range projects on a global basis. I encourage you to take the knowledge and skills you’re gaining, and creatively apply those to achieve success for your organization and for you personally, as well as to help make the world an even better place to live.

    Best wishes for a very successful educational experience.

    Professor Barton

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