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Lincoln Futon and Furniture carries a wide range of furniture and decorative accessories including futons, tables, chairs, bedroom sets, lamps, mirrors, clocks, pictures, posters, and many other items large and small. The furniture in the store changes over time as it is hand-selected by the owner. Items carried are chosen because they represent a uniqueness of design. Styles range from art deco, to rustic Polynesian, to modern, but all have one thing in common...value. Every piece of furniture is crafted from high quality materials, whether it be metal, wood, fabric, or glass.
Lincoln Futon and Furniture was founded on the basis of providing an excellent product at an excellent price. The store's philosophy is high volume, and that allows prices to be set significantly below other stores. It's actually common for people browsing through the store to ask "Is that really the correct price?". If you're looking for something unique for your home, the good news is you're sure to find it, and the even better news is it will be at an incredibly fair price.
Lincoln Futon and Furniture is located on beautiful Lincoln Road, in the heart of world famous South Beach. Lincoln Road represents the sophisticated element in fashionable South Beach, with sidewalk cafés lining both sides of a street closed to vehicular traffic and turned into a pedestrian mall. If you are in the South Beach area, be sure to stop by the store and check out the latest hand-picked furnishings and accessories. The showroom is literally packed with interesting things, and there's never any pressure to buy. And if you're not in the South Beach area, enjoy shopping online via this web site, which includes some of the most distinctive items in the showroom (all shipping is via UPS Ground unless otherwise noted). Regardless of how you shop, we're sure you will agree that Lincoln Futon and Furniture has the best in South Beach style...at incredible prices.

Lincoln Futon and Furniture | 629 Lincoln Road | Miami Beach, FL 33139
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