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Category: Public relations
Name: SouthBeachPress.com
Description : South Beach Press provides public relations services including copywriting, photography, online database posting, distribution, and printing. If there is something new and exciting about your business, the staff at South Beach Press can help you get the news out. Our senior copywriters have over 15 years of experience writing press releases for a wide variety of businesses.

Your press release will automaticaly be entered into the South Beach Press database, and will be available to anyone on the Internet. You or anyone else may also "embed" all or a portion of the South Beach Press release database (such as the press releases from your business) into your own web site using HTML frames. It's very easy to do including using your own web site's font, color scheme, etc. When doing this, you can limit what is visible to only press releases you want shown (your webmaster can easily do, this given guidelines from South Beach Press).

South Beach Press can work with you to determine a small, customized list of media contacts, and email your press release to those editors. Or, South Beach Press can email your press release to a very large number of media contacts associated with a particular area of interest such as womenswear, travel, etc.

For more information, visit www.southbeachpress.com.

Tel 305.673.9493 | Email info@solutionsets.com

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