Roosevelt Condominium Association

1255 Pennsylvania Avenue

Miami Beach, FL  33139


Additional Rental-Related Information


In addition to the Roosevelt Condominium Association Rules and Regulations, the following is important information associated with rentals in the Roosevelt:


  1. The City of Miami Beach defines rentals of less than six months plus one day as “short term” and illegal in the area of the Roosevelt (the City has severe penalties for anyone in any way participating in such rentals).
  2. Typical leases in the Roosevelt Condominium do not allow subleasing (a renter renting a unit in whole or in part to someone else).
  3. If a lease permits adding a renter (a “roommate”) to a unit during the term of the lease, and if the relevant unit owner has explicitly given permission for that, the renter being added:

·       Must not violate the City’s short term rental restriction.

·       Must provide the Roosevelt Condominium Association Board with a completed Renters Application and Rules and Regulations Affidavit (there are no additional fees, as those are per unit rather than per person).

·       Must meet with the Roosevelt Condominium Association Board of Directors to obtain approval as a renter in the Roosevelt prior to moving in.




I hereby state that I have received a copy of, read, and fully understand the Rules and Regulations, which pertain to living at the Roosevelt Condominium, and have also read and fully understand the above “Additional Rental-Related Information”.


I give my explicit and irrevocable consent to have a Roosevelt Condominium Association Director, Officer, Property Manager, or other designated representative ask basic questions of someone unknown to them seen in a common area of the building and perceived to be associated with a unit I own or rent in the building, so as to ensure that person has a legitimate and legal reason to be in the building (and potentially in a unit).


I agree to obey and live in accordance with these Rules and Regulations and Additional Rental-Related Information subject to any enforcement rights vested in the Association, Board of Directors, Managing Agent, and the City of Miami Beach.



                                                            Signature: ______________________________


                                                            Printed name: ___________________________


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